Friday, May 17, 2013

Mocha Uson

Stuff you need to know about Mocha:

Margaux Uson was born May 17, 1982 in Pangasinan, Philippines. She spent her elementary and high school years at Mother Goose Special School System Inc. and took Medical Technology at the University of Sto. Tomas. Her mother, a well-known doctor in the city, wanted her to be her successor. Uson, deciding to pursue her first love which is performing, soon graduated from a shy performer to a liberated one. Many people criticized her when unflattering photos of her kissing her bandmate were published in a tabloid. She, however, used the issue to her own advantage. She is now known as one of the few female personalities in the Philippines who openly admit to being bisexual. She was part of a band in school and was in GMA's talent center before eventually plunging into the recording scene. Her biggest break along with the rest of the Mocha Girls came in 2007 after signing up with Viva Records.

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